Silly Things Asthmatics Hear…

So, in all my time in hospitals there are many many strange and odd things some doctors have said to me, and nurses…  here is a few! Hope a few make you laugh!

I take no credit for these, these are just some of the many asthmatics who have experienced these silly things!


“Children cant get asthma, if they have breathing problems make them breath in a brown paper bag…”

“Your O2 sat is 98. Why are your acting like you can’t breathe?”

“It’s anxiety”

“Don’t forget to breathe”

“Calm down and take a deep breath”

“It’s just asthma”

“Try and stay calm love”

“But your sats are normal”

“Wow you’re really wheezy ”

“Keep going” during a lung function tests when you are at the point of turning blue

“Oxygen is addictive – well I guess it is we all need it.”

“But you are still about to talk”

“I know how you feel…”

“small prick”- for an ABG

“What do you mean, you need a nebulizer, I can’t hear any wheeze, you’re fine.”

“Your chest sounds clear, there’s nothing wrong.”

“Just breathe normally”

“Are you anxious?”

“Slow down your breathing”

“Don’t you have enough medications already?”

“Okay, you need to breathe”