3 weeks and counting.

It’s now been over three weeks that I have been in hospital, and sadly not much has improved or changed in this past week. My infection hasn’t responded to antibiotics and i’m still left stuck on oxygen because my lungs aren’t working properly due to the infection. The doctors and I have pretty much just given up. I have an appointment on Monday with my respiratory doctors at my specialist hospital, and i’ve been waiting for this appointment since April and since April i’ve been nothing but ill. I had 6 weeks at home in April and otherwise bar the odd week or two i’ve pretty much spent the whole time in hospital. I worked out i’ve spent 6 months in hospital this year already pretty much. I just want them to do something to stop me being so ill. I don’t want to get brushed off, I want them to see how unwell i’ve been and that it can’t continue as it is.


So this weekend will be spent resting, not over doing it and hoping that come Monday I can get some answers.  I mean I don’t think I’m asking much to be able to just live outside hospital and somewhat enjoy life… 3 weeks and i probably wont be going home anytime soon either. I just don’t know what more i can do. I just want to get better, enough to be at home. Not asking to run a marathon…




2 thoughts on “3 weeks and counting.

  1. sarahharding says:

    I have been following your blog for a while and i am sorry you have been so u well, I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago and I had been seeing the rbh and just getting worse, I eventually pushed for a referall to another specialist hospital and my life has changed significantly, it is by no means perfect and I am still on more meds than I wish for but I am now able to work nearly full time and I kind of have a life x I guess I am trying to say don’t give up xx


    • asthmawontbeatme says:

      Thank you, yeah i agree it’s just having that right person to fight for you and right now i feel like everyone is giving up on me. I’ve just had my oxygen increased again and the only plan doctors have is just to wean oxygen. back up on 8l. Feels like another step back 😦


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