Update – ‘Escalation of care’

Firstly, I can proudly announce that I do NOT have any new blood clots in my lungs. So, straight of the bat that is one thing less to worry about. However, my ct showed that I do indeed have consolidation in both lungs (infection in both lungs) which surprise surprise didn’t show up on my x-rays like usual.  My arterial blood gasses also showed very low lactate levels showing how bad my body and it’s oxygen levels have been. So i had to have another infusion to bring up my lactate levels.  They still haven’t decided what to do about my antibiotics because mine aren’t working and the microbiology team need to decide which ones to use on me.

I’m starting to feel my infection is getting worse and because of it, it’s then starting to affect my breathing and making my breathing worse. So, now they aren’t letting me get bad and keep giving me more and more things to help. However, this involves having a daily arterial blood gas to see how much i’m improving or declining as to whether or not the ‘escalate’ their care. I know what that means, i’m already on nearly maximum ward treatment and escalation of treatment only means one thing. Intensive care.

It would help if i had a functioning call bell and if they didn’t leave me sometimes for longer than i’d like. However, I’m going to do my best to stay on the ward. I’m going to hope at some point I start feeling better and I don’t end up in intensive care.



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