Nervous and worried!

So i’ve been in hospital 17 days now and it’s already been a roller coaster of health/emotions and everything in between. I started out with ‘just’ a simple infective exacerbation of asthma, a mild chest infection that was just making my asthma a little worse. That then cleared up and i moved onto the next infection which was in my lungs and made me even more unwell again. then 2 days after that kicking off i woke up with terrible chest pains and my oxygen levels just falling..

I just had a CT scan today to see if i also have a blood clot in my lungs/any more stress fractures from my brittle bones and then the x-rays on my lungs haven’t been clear so hoping the CT will have some answers as to why my oxygen levels and breathing has been so bad. However, i’ve now got to just wait until tomorrow to get answers. Sleeping all night not knowing what is happening. The suspense of it all is so overwhelming. I just want to have some answers, i’d rather have bad news and know what is making me ill than them come back saying they can’t see much and still have no clue.

Just got to get through the night waiting for results now!!



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