Hello, pneumomia my old friend.

Pneumonia – 1

Mel – 0


Had the pneumonia vaccine 2 months ago, vaccinated against 30 strains of current pneumonia virus’ and since then i’ve had it not once, not twice but THREE times. This time it nearly put me in intensive care from my sudden deterioration. My immunologist gave me my results saying he doesn’t think i need immunotherapy to help with my immune system. I updated him on my situation in hopes that he will hear my plea and realise that i really do need something doing about my immune system!

Currently on so much medication and strong stuff to try and help fight this and get me back off oxygen!

WIN_20170804_14_55_07_Pro (2)WIN_20170804_14_51_32_Pro

Here’s to the doctors not believing me when i said days ago that i didn’t feel well then pretty much nearly needed to be on breathing machines to maintain my oxygen levels!


2 thoughts on “Hello, pneumomia my old friend.

  1. WIA says:

    Hi. I also have pneumonia but I’m doing my best to avoid hospital. I have been taking antibiotics like sweets but I don’t see much improvement either. I also have lupus. Do you think you may also have a underlying illness that is interrupting your recovery?


    • asthmawontbeatme says:

      I have a weakened immune system from taking steroids so long. That doesn’t see to help matters. I probably have underlying issues i’m yet to know about still but i can never make my hospital appointments and my hospital don’t do much in the way of tests. So it’s just enduring it.. Sorry that your struggling too with the infections on top of your lupus, i’m sure thats probably making you feel totally rubbish!


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