To the people that put you down when you are already down…

This one goes out to you, the people who knowingly put someone down just to make yourselves feel better. The people that obviously have deep down insecurities that can’t say what they want to say or have an opinion without bullying or making personal attacks on someone. Especially to the people who know exactly what you are going through physically and mentally and yet still chose to kick you when your in that place.


First off, I was raised bulling was wrong. I wont do it, I wont use personal attacks and if i have an opinion i’m not afraid to say it however, i wouldn’t make it personal and malicious just to make my point get across. I was raised that the people who bully and put people down are just silly human beings who want no more than to feel good about themselves or just have little care in the world and no heart.

Secondly, to be someone who understands mental health and physical health, it has made me so much more sympathetic to someone else going through similar experiences and i’m the kind of person who would put my terrible day to one side just to help someone else with theirs. I’d always put them first even at the expense of my own health.

Thirdly, this person claims to know what it’s like to be really struggling and doesn’t want people to feel upset by their conditions and ‘defends’ peoples honors. however, this person in trying to ‘defend’ someone who didn’t need defending as they didn’t know the situation decided to verbally attack me, put me down and continue to make childish comments at me aimed to make me feel even worse.

I was in a bad place last night, and my physical health took a major toll because of it.



So my message goes out to everyone reading this, please no matter what bad day you are having or whatever is going on in your life… it is NEVER okay to bully and belittle someone. I don’t care if they are the worst person in the world, bullying is never ok. Another thing, if you can see someone is really struggling mentally, physically and emotionally, whether you hate that person or you don’t know them…. a small act of kindness can go a long way. A stranger simply saying ‘i hope you are ok’ or ‘sorry you are feeling like this’ can make the biggest difference.

So i ask you all, when speaking to people… if you come across someone you think is having a hard time please reach out. Whether it’s offering a kind comment, telling them a joke or just letting them know you are there. All it takes is one person to knock us down, but it can only take one comment to pick us back up.


This post is for my support to mental health.



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