When do you know when you’ve had enough and just give up arguing, or use your frustration to argue more?

I’ve been in hospital 9 days, I was getting better and then the last 3 days or so i’ve been getting worse.  I’ve said this many times but nobody seems to be listening. I was told that the doctors would keep a close eye on me over the weekend… yet i have barely seen a person let alone a doctor. Now because i’ve been left and ignored, my oxygen levels are worse and now my infection is back 100 x worse. Hopefully somoene sees me today if not i’m back to waiting till monday. If Monday comes and nobody does anything then i’m just going to go to another hospital. It’s horrible being left to get worse knowing they could have got on top of this days ago and each day that goes by is a day that i’m getting worse and have a longer road of recovery.


Just so tired from telling them i am feeling worse and worse. I give up sometimes with them all. Feel like i’m just going to wait till im really bad and then wait for them to all realise they shouldnt have left me so long!




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