Having someone/something who makes it all worth it.

A lot has changed in my life, people have come and gone. I’m not the same person i was last year and that is a good thing. I’ve accepted what i can’t change and focused on the things that really matter to me.

Since the start of the year I made it my mission that i was going to enjoy life more, no more dwelling, no more missing life, no more not appreciating things… It was like something just clicked and I just realised what actually mattered. Working 70 hours to pay bills wasn’t important, my family and friends were. Experiencing life and enjoying nice weather that was more important.

Since being ill this year i have accomplished:

  • Learning to cook loads of new meals
  • Spending more time with my niece and nephew
  • Getting my niece back into ponies!
  • Starting this blog
  • spending more time on my friends
  • Growing things from seed in the garden and successfully growing them
  • Growing my own vegetables
  • Learning to crochet
  • Getting back into my graphics making and designing websites
  • Being a happier me.

This would haven’t had happened if i didn’t get ill and didn’t want to waste any more time fumbling through life!

Now because mentally i am in a better place i’m in a better place with friends and family as well as meeting someone who is very special to me ❤


So, don’t give up even when everything seems impossible because just round the corner can be something good coming!




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