When the doctors say something stupid about ‘quality of life’ when you are the one suffering the poor quality of life….

So yesterday, it was a normal kind of day for me, i needed a new canula for IV treatment and as usual my veins are tiny and none existent. So the poking starts, round one… fail. Next person. Round two… Fail. Next person. Round three, two people and an ultrasound machine and after many many attempts they finally get one in. This is normal for me, being stabbed over and over and over being left like a bruised pin cushion… So, the doctor then says to me “what are we going to do if this doesn’t work and we can’t get it in?” I immediately know the answer to this because i’ve been promised it so many times. So i blurt out ” PICC LINE!” which is a  more perminant one that stays in and they can use again on other admissions.  Once in it means i dont have to keep getting battered over and over.

This admission when i came in, it took them 6 hours to get access to my veins to give me life saving treatment. 6 hours that could have killed me because it took so long. So after i made the comment about wanting a picc line, the doctor goes ‘There is no quality of life having a picc line in and you can’t just have it for the sake of it” No doctor, i’m on 5 months of hospital this year alone, thats only 2 months outside these four walls. Thats just this year. I have this everytime i’m in and it’s always the same. At this point i’ve just had 2 hours of stabbing and i’m  in agony, my arm hurts and im bruised all over. How he thinks that it’s ok to tell me that is better than a picc line i dont know!



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