Forever waiting for the next admission…

Qithin days of being out of hospital it was clear I had a chest infection building up along with a probable urine infection…not to mention I’m still positive for an antibiotic resistant ‘superbug’ living in my intestines making me feel ill. I guess this is all part of having little to no immune system… of course when I started to get I’ll the first thing I did was increase my oral steroids and start some antibiotics to try and counter the infections building. As well as this I had to increase my nebulisers because my breathing just wasn’t that good. I have managed to not get any worse really with my breathing however there has been a few days when my oxygen levels have been lower. This is what just makes me feel so rough…

I had my appointment with my immunologist doctor last week who had one last battery of tests to confirm that I would need to start immuglobin infusions for my immunotherapy to give me an immune system… I have another week or so to wait for results and then if it foes confirm I will have to stay in when I’m back in August. it worries me slightly that I may only be planned to stay in for a day or so but last time that happened I was in for three weeks. knowing it is the middle of summer I really wanted to go away but if I get held captive then I basically lose my summer.

Hopefully I can keep going and stay out of hospital but who knows… I keep over doing it spending time outside because I’m just waiting to be back stuck in a hospital again so trying to make the most of it.. bag is still packed waiting…
101 asthma problems…




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