Home sweet home

The time came when I finally managed to escape hospital and get home. I found out on my discharge letter that i have another infection growing in my lungs, so not only do I have a ‘superbug’ that is antibiotic resistant but I also have a lung infection. This is the joys of having no immune system, that infections are just normal…

So, I managed to get home in time for my dads birthday meal. However, after not doing much for weeks and being so week I perhaps overdid it slightly because the next day I woke up and it was like someone had stolen my body to run a couple marathons in my sleep. Boy did I ache…  Was nice to be home with my family and my dogs though. I missed them so much. It was nice to sleep in my own bed and not be woken up randomly in the night for observations etc.

Home sweet home! <3<3



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