Asthma vs 30+ Degree weather…

So, anyone who has asthma and suffers in this heat will understand how ridiculously impossible it is to breathe in this weather. I’m trying my best to not let it stop me and sitting around as frankly it’s inevetable that i’m going to end up in hospital again so may as well enjoy what i can of the sun. However, even sitting in doing nothing i can hardly breathe. I feel like i’m on nebulisers all day just to cope with this weather and this heat… It’s also hard doing anything with low oxygen levels because it makes me that much more tired. Not feeling so good in this weather, it may look nice and it’s nice to enjoy for like half an hour and then the moment passes when my lungs start protesting. I just really hate that i can’t enjoy the weather the way i’d like. 😦 Although at least i’m a little less pale than my usual hospital white vampire look!




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