Festering and smelly!

So being in hospital in 20 + degrees heat isn’t fun, it’s stuffy and i’ve been so poorly so i’ve been staring to get a lingering smell coming out my room… aka ME. So finally figured that if i can manage a small wash (for one my nurses will appreciate it i am sure!) and then i can tell doctors im well enough to go home! Well, came out struggling a little bit and gave my nurse heart attack with sats of 77% after coming out. Some oxygen and nebulisers brought me up to 88% back in to semi normality. Needless to say i’ve had a stern telling off to not attempt that again and i’m pretty sure my doctors aren’t going to be discharging me in the immediate future! Wish my body would just co-operate for the small tasks.

On a good note, least i don’t smell anymore 😀 Always plus to everything!10-popular-quotes-reimagined-for-fashion-girls-1597576-1450318844-640x0c


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