Absent but still here!

So it’s been quite some time since i’ve shown my face really, well typed a load of rubbish. However, not really sure where to start. Once i was out of hospital after my 6 week stay i managed a whole 5 weeks at home in the sun, enjoying life like a normal person then unfortunately my body caught up with me and was back in hospital again. In that time i managed to get transferred to my specialist hospital for a day trip to see my immunotherapy doctor who confirmed that i don’t have an immune system and that i will need to have 2 weekly immunoglobulin infusions for a year or so to try and build my immune system back up. after a week in hospital i managed to have 2 days at home but i think i picked something up in hospital which unfortunately made me very poorly and i ended up in intensive care because i was just too tired to breathe and i ended up with very low oxygen levels. I’m down on the normal respiratory ward now in my hospital bubble trying to avoid any more infections and i just found out today that i most likely have the starts of a degenerative condition with my airways which is probably why i’m always so short of breath. They are trying to manage my oxygen levels so that i can get home without needing home oxygen but not really sure whats happening. Too ill to really leave hospital but my immune system can’t handle being in hospital so they are trying to find a middle ground where i’m good enough to get home. It’s kind of hitting me hard at how bad my health has been. I found out recently that i have cateracts in my eyes due to the steroids plus my osteoparosis, myopathy, cushings syndrome, bad liver, no immune system, bronchiostatis, asthma and im 25 years old.


Guess this is the start of it all…87cb06e214133c6ad5f06b32080d40fc


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