Sun, Allergies and Asthma!

The good, the bad and the ugly. Everyone frequently says to me “oh now the weather is nice your breathing is going to be much better” No, really that isn’t the case. You’d think so… i’d like to hope so.. but it really isn’t. I have terrible allergies, i’m basically just allergic to most things in life and if they don’t set my asthma off, they block my nose up, which usually then goes to my chest and then into and infectin.. which then sets my asthma off. So no, now the weather is improving.. that doesn’t make much difference to me.


The good thing about the weather is how much better mentally it is, being able to just sit out in the sun and breathe fresh air. That is so worth setting my breathing off sometimes. When you spend so much time breathing hospital air, barely even seeing the outside let alone breathing it and seeing it… It’s just so nice to enjoy it. The best part is although physically i’m not able to do much, i’ve now got my own mobility scooter meaning i can get out with my dogs on walks which is what i really love.


Bring on summer i say! Just keep pollen to a minimum please!



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