Stupidity – Doing the same thing and expecting different results

Sometimes it can be hard to accept everything that happens in my life, half of it I usually ignore hoping it will just go away, and the rest I just downplay. I rarely accept things for what they are. I had my hopes up that after 6 weeks in hospital that i’d get some magical cure for my asthma and i’d start getting better. I was nieve in thinking that. Okay they found out a little bit but not much has changed and I’m still struggling with just as much. My breathing is still rubbish, my immune system is still terrible and surprise I have a chest infection at the moment and typically it got worse and it’s now in my lungs. I’m on two types of antibiotics to try and tackle it, 2 days in and i’m not really feeling any different. If anything i am still getting worse. I’ve not even been home a week so i’m not going to give in to going to hospital anytime soon. I’m just so done with hospitals right now, but i feel like how am i ever going to stay out because there is always something making my breathing worse.

I feel fed up with everything, i feel like it’s all too much. Struggling to breathe all day every day sucks. Doctors want me to have a better quality of life and i don’t. I don’t at all. It’s just getting worse.



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