Home sweet home

I’m sorry that i’m not very consistent with posting, although i don’t really do anything with my life i always feel so busy and never have time for anything.


So this weekend I managed to escape home (all be it at 10pm at night) and get into my own bed. This was without a doubt the nicest feeling and worth the struggle i had getting up the stairs. I’m back home with my family, my bed, my dogs (which are my babies) and my niece who is 5 and a mini me, and my nephew who i’ve only actually seen one day since he was born and he’s now a month old!

First night back and i slept till 11am in the morning without even batting an eye. Best sleep i’ve had in ages and completely worth all the struggles just for that one sleep. Then i decided as the stairs are such a struggle i’d only go downstairs for a little awhile and just do it the once so when i came back up it was for bed. So i stayed in bed till lunch and went down for lunch and came up in the evening.

My first whole day home couldn’t have been a better day, it was a Sunday so the whole family were home including my brother who is a lorry driver and isn’t home all the time. It was such a sunny day, I had some nice time sitting in the kitchen having a chat and a catch up and then i spent some time outside in the sun (suprised i didnt burn as i’m half vampire now, espeically when i see the sun about 5 times a year) watching my dad and niece do some gardening and playing outside. Plus my dogs were sunbathing and chilling in the garden too. Then i had a nice dinner and went up to bed to chill. I certainly struggled breathing wise and my legs were agony but it was such a nice day back and worth eery bit of pain.

Next day i didn’t sleep at all because i was in so much pain with my legs and my breathing just wasn’t great. So all of today i’ve been exhausted from not sleeping. However i’ve had a nice day chilling, made a whole bunch of CD’s for my car and ordered a few things online, spent some time with my dogs and my niece and nephew… overall it was a good day.

I’m certainly glad to be home, i know i have a long struggle ahead of me with lots of physio and i know i’m going to be in lots of pain building my strength up (combination of so many weeks in a hospital bed and my myopathy from the steroids) and getting fitter again.. Not to mention my oxygen levels are now perminantly on the lower side but doctors have decided i’d have more quality of life not having oxygen at home but it means that i’m perminantly more short of breath and tired.. not to mention i get a bit more of a brain fog because of it. However, im hoping that when i build my fitness up more that it may help a little.


So here is to being out of hospital and hopefully onwards and upwards!

Snuggles with the little man!



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