Doctors who think they know me better than I know me…

So this amazing doctor thought it would be a good idea to say how i can walk amazingly and it’s good or me to walk more. Baring in mind my mobility issues and that i’m limited on my walking and have severe muscle weakness as well as being prone to falls. I only had a fall a week and a half ago which ended up with me twisting my knee which was just starting to feel a bit better, then last night after being forced to walk to the loo at the other end of the ward, not only was it too much for my weak legs but it was too much for my knee and my breathing went to crap also. So last night consisted of excrutiating pain, me nearly ending up on the floor, a doctor having to come out and see me in the middle of the night, lots of nebulisers and being put back on oxygen.


Now this morning i’m still in agony with my knee, it’s huge and swollen as well as being hot to touch… My breathing isn’t great and i’m not sure how i’m going to move anywhere. I’m meant to be having my lung function test again today which i need my breathing to be good for and instead i’m not sure how i’m going to get there and not sure how i’m going to manage the breathing tests.

Hopefully physio come up and help sort all this out. I just hate that i’ve been working so hard to build my strength up and i know my bodies limitations and now i can’t even move, i’m in agony and on even more pain meds. All i wanted.

I don’t know how many times i said i couldn’t do that kind of walk. Best part is i need the toilet but have no idea how i’m going to get there. Today is not a good day. When i find out what doctor has said i can walk fine, they aren’t going to know what hit them!




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