Procrastination 101

I’m not going to lie, i’m probably one of the worst procrastinators. I could probably write a book on excuses i use that make no sense and have no logic and are just me being lazy half the time. My worst one whilst being in hospital is building myself up for the dreaded shower. Most people can just have a daily shower, no bother it’s a 5 min job that doesn’t take much energy and is probably quite relaxing.


I’m going to tell you all the reasons why showers for me are purely necessary and not enjoyable or relaxing.

  1. It’s exhausting – i’m so weak and fatigued doing the smallest of tasks. by the time i’m undressed and on the seat in the shower that’s half my energy gone already. Then washing and drying takes away all remaining energy that i barely had to start with.
  2.  The steam and heat makes it nearly impossible to breathe – So i’m already super short of breath and exhausted and now the steam is just making it that much harder to breathe adding to all my issues.
  3. Muscle fatigue – i’m so weak that by the time i’m half way through or finished my legs are like jelly, this is usually when my legs give way and i fall.
  4. Falling – nearly every time I’ve fallen, it’s been because of showering and exhausting myself or from having a wash and then ending up on the floor. So now my confidence about showing is just really not that high.
  5. Recovery time – It can take me hours of nebulisers to be able to breathe properly again after sometimes it can be a good day or so before i’m back to functional breathing.
  6. brittle bones – yes that’s right, i’m 24 and have thin bones. so when i fall i’m highly likely to break something.
  7. blood thinners – if i fall i’m also at risk of heavy bleeding due to the fact i’m on blood thinners for my blood clot.

So for all of you that have a nice relaxing shower after work, or in the morning when you get up. For me it’s one of the hardest things i have to do.

I want to have a shower but i have a test tomorrow morning to see how good my lung function is, and it’s a hard test and my lungs need to be good for it. So having a shower tonight will only set me back and make the test nearly impossible tomorrow. Then i’ll be too exhausted to have one after, especially with physio after. Which means it’s another day without a shower.

Sometimes, I get so frustrated that my health prevents me from doing some of the most basic things in life. Something other people don’t have any issues with, yet for me it’s one of the hardest things. I best 99% of people wouldn’t even consider that asthma can affect lives in more ways than just struggling to breathe. This is just another one of those things.

So, another reason to procrastinate my shower…

Day after tomorrow maybe. or maybe tomorrow evening depending on how i feel…



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