Perfume + Asthma

For those that aren’t triggered by smells and perfumes, you may not get my complete frustration on this matter… However, for those of you that do get triggered by smells you should understand how incredibly agrivating this situation can be. So there’s me, 4 and a half weeks in hospital and i’m finally getting somewhere and my breathing is improving then a lovely agency nurse comes onto shift in a respiratory/lung hospital after bathing herself in a ton of perfume. It was all downhill from there. Instantly my lungs just went into protest, my airways decided they were going to go into panic and i spent the next 6 hours severely struggling to breathe and having nebulisers constantly just to try and get past the attack without needing to have a doctor called and IV medication started. Then after it finally settling, she came back in this morning which started me off all over again. I feel like it was one step forward and two steps back… My oxygen levels were only 85% this morning all because of this.

I just hate it because for 1 nurses and doctors shouldn’t be wearing much perfume anyway.. then it just makes me feel defeated that i can be doing so well, spend so long improving and just one bad day can set me back so much.

Sometimes, i just feel frustrated that i can try so hard with my body and it still does what it wants… I get anxious about things setting me off because i never know when a bad day is coming. All it takes is one persons smelling of perfume, one person walking past smoking, someone having a bbq… that’s it. I wish I wasn’t so easily triggered but frankly my airways are just so sensitive.


Here’s to the nurse who just set my recovery back.


This is our door to our room… Made no difference!



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