Hospital gym sessions!

Although i’ve been cooped up in a hospital bed far too much lately, i’m finally able to get the support needed with physios to get me stronger and keep me moving. Today however was just crazy hard. So i was taken off to the hospital gym and 30 mins later I felt like i’d just run a marathon. Can I also point out that just a week or so ago I fell over in the last hospital and twisted my knee so it’s not like my lungs are the only thing preventing me from doing loads, plus my muscle myopathy from the steroid use.

Unfortunately, they are persistant here and it’s not a one off and she will be back again tomorrow for more torture. Hopefully, it will all be worth it and in a weeks time (as i’m expected to stay here at least another week) I will be able to walk and do more by the time that i’m home.

Right now im only able to walk short distances with a stick and my legs often give way and wobble which is when i usually fall. My confidence is slowly going and everything is just so much harder. I frequently get stuck in chairs and i get defeated so easily. I’m appreciative i’m getting the help, but that doesn’t mean i’m not going to swear at the physios when they are pushing me. I know it’s their job and i know i need to do it and i’ll be better in the long run. That doesn’t mean i need to enjoy it. I’ll try everything they ask and do my best. Just a lot of swear words involved.



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