Why am I so frustrated with emergency care?

Couldn’t agree more, having been through this process so many times I can say its not a one off. Asthma is not treated well enough or managed well enough, there is too much margin for error down to lack of knowledge and understanding… Especially with serious asthma.

This is mainly why I started this blog to raise more awareness for asthma.

Fight the fight together and one day asthma will be treated as well as common things such as heart attacks and strokes where even people on the street know what to do in an emergency.

Why Wait? Just breathe!

My most read post on here was about my experience in AAU the first time round. I purposely leave out the name of hospitals because the last thing I want to do is demonize hospitals and those who work in them. I have already said that I do not blame the individuals at all when I am let down, but I blame the training. How can someone be fantastic with a condition if they have no experience in it? It is never about targeting one person and any healthcare professionals reading this must understand that very rarely do Severe Asthmatics blame or get angry with you personally, but get angry at the lack of understanding.

After being admitted to my local AAU department, the lack of education about the condition really did become highlighted when speaking to a member of staff looking after me. She commented that she…

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