For the life of me no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to go long between admissions with my asthma exacerbations. For the last 2 weeks I’ve been holding out, trying to get to my last appointment and then I made it! After the appointment I started to feel a bit better and slowly had improvement, then the last couple days I’ve just been feeling worse and worse again. I’ve come to the realisation, I don’t know what i’m holding out for anymore. I’ve got 3 and a bit weeks till my admission at Brompton so if I hold out, all that will happen is i’ll end up with a severe flare up right before my admission at Brompton hospital and then i’ll miss it. So, I’ve decided to admit defeat and go in earlier in hopes that it can be a quick fix and give my body a boost before I get any worse. Hopefully that way I have a few days/week in hospital and then a couple weeks at home before my admission at Brompton.

I’m going to be cheeky and have one more nice night in my own bed, one more morning with my dogs and my family. Then i’ll go in. Fingers crossed that this admission isn’t as bad as my last and they look after me well! I just want to go in for some regular nebulisers, some IV treatment to give my body a little boost and then come home. In an ideal world. However, I have to also deal with the doctors writing me up for all my hundreds of medications and NOT changing them. Then there’s the issue with my veins being so bad to cumulate to get IV treatment, although i’m due to get a PICC line in 3 weeks so maybe they can fit it earlier.


Fingers crossed this imminent admission is better than the last and it’s enough to give me the boost to keep well and get to Brompton!!


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