Asthma and allergies

Dandelion Clock

The last couple of days has been spent going crazy cleaning our carpets/hovering/tidying/dusting etc. Just so that hopefully I have a better environment and my allergies aren’t triggered which hopefully has my asthma being better behaved. It has completely exhausted me through and through, I ache in places I didn’t know could exist and my body feels like I’ve been run over by a truck. Hopefully, it will all be worth it if it improves my breathing just a little bit…

The worst part is in order to help my asthma hopefully be less triggered by things in the house, I’ve got to do loads which then sets my asthma off in the short term. It’s like catch 22, I just can’t avoid the inevitable not being able to breathe at some point. Not to mention my oxygen levels have been lower than i’d like this past week… I’m doing my best to try and rest when I can, but I really just want to create a better environment asap so that my breathing can be better in the long run. Especially when i’m allergic to my dogs and there is dog dander all over the house, so hopefully this makes a difference.

Part of me is doing this in order to reduce my reactions to triggers knowing that spring and pollen allergies are just around the corner! Hoping if even just reducing a small amount of the things i’m exposed to that hopefully that makes it that much easier to breathe!

I will take control of my asthma again, and hopefully I WILL avoid going to hospital any time soon!



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