Hospital Appointments

Usually hospital appointments are a drag for me, i’ve got to organise getting there… often waiting around ages and then i’m in and out in minutes often not feeling like i’ve accomplished anything more than when i walked in. Then at the end of the day i’m exhausted from the whole trip out etc.

However, this time… I made it to one of my appointments at a lung specialist hospital (one which i’ve missed about 6 times due to always being ill) and I had the most amazing doctor, who listened to me, spent the time to talk to me, we discussed all the tests that i need to have when I go back in to stay for the week for investigations into my asthma and my breathing. I came out actually feeling like someone listened to my concerns, cared about me getting better and was confident they were going to get to the bottom of what was causing me so many issues and making me so unwell.

The best part about the appointment, the doctor agreed that I could get a PICC line fitted which means no more needles ! So hopefully when i got back in 4 weeks to stay in for my tests they will fit my PICC line!

Looking forward to no more needles. That means, when I got to hospital…  I can also get quicker treatment when I go in hospitals, no more faffing to get canulas in! The quicker I can get treatment the better.




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