The day to day life…


My daily activities mostly consist of taking medication, having my nebuliser treatments, filling out my asthma diary, monitoring my peak flows, checking my oxygen levels and then eating and drinking. I feel like sometimes, no matter how much I try to find the balance between good management of my health and not letting my health run my life, my health always seems to start taking over my life. I can’t just go on a trip out somewhere without first planning on where i’m going, how long i’m going to be out, will I need to take my medication with me, have I got my emergency information with me, how much walking will be involved and who am I going to be with (if I get ill, do they know what to do ). I can’t just go and have a day out without loads of prep. Most I can manage is a couple hours out before i’m due medication or start to really struggle and even I I manage it at the time, later on it always catches up with me.

I went out today to see a couple friends and have lunch and my legs and feet feel like jelly and that all my bones have just crumbled to pieces and can’t support me whilst at the same time feeling so painful. Even now i’m in bed, it took me over an hour to get upstairs and into bed. Now i’m exhausted and want to sleep but my nebuliser treatment still has around 20 mins left. So for awhile longer i’ll have to just continue with my Darth Vador impression. I’m seriously jealous of people who can just go to bed, lay down and sleep. Not have an hour and a half from going to bed to being able to sleep… and I can’t even lay down to sleep I have to sleep upright or I can’t breathe! So so jealous right now of those happy sleeping people!



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