Weight loss goals when your disabled

In the last 12 months + I’ve nearly doubled in weight (around 7 stone I’ve put on at least) and most of that is all down to the fact i’m on steroids, I’m less active and unable to exercise without setting my asthma off as well as also now being too weak to do much. I decided on my 6 week admission over Christmas and New Year that there wasn’t much I could do about my health, nor being on steroids. However, I COULD change my diet and the way I was eating. Living off hospital food and junk food for far too long!

When I got out of hospital in February I started my healthier eating, eating more fruit and veg, more protein (especially to help with the muscle I’ve lost), less carbs and less fat. I had a couple set backs with being back in hospital and being stuck on hospital foods again but overall since I’ve been home i’m much more in the habit of eating better. Snacking on healthier things and eating a good balanced diet. Don’t get me wrong, i’m still eating the foods I like, and the odd junk bits. However, I’ve noticed since eating better that i’m not actually craving the unhealthy foods so much. I’m also making sure that i’m drinking enough fluids, keeping hydrated. As I don’t think I was drinking enough before.

I monitor my food with a food diary which automatically counts the calories and the food contents (fats/proteins etc) which tells me what i’m consuming daily, it also counts my steps and how many calories I’ve burned from my little walks I do. Not much but better than nothing! In the last 7-10 days I’ve actually lost 9lbs in total! Just from changing my diet!

I’m also making it my new challenge to learn new foods, and cook different things. So it’s fun learning to cook things and improving my skills. Makes it more rewarding eating a meal that I’ve cooked from scratch.


So if I can do it so can you!





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