Small steps in the right direction


I’ve been procrastinating on my to-do list that i’ve  spent more time writing than actually doing anything from the list. So, today I decided I was going to get some of them done. No matter how small the tasks, I wanted to get a few done. They were all little things, but i’ve got about 5/6 things done today which has made me feel like i’ve accomplished something.

My breathing feels better today, which helps me get things done and enjoy the day more. Plus i’m eating a better diet now which is helping give my body the energy physically and mentally to get back to being healthy again.

Sometimes, it’s hard to stay focused when you are focusing on the end goal and it seems so impossible. The trick is just to keep it simple, make small goals… daily goals and tasks. Ones that will take you in the right direction to you main goal, but that give you the opportunity for more success in meeting them. Not focusing on what you haven’t done but what you HAVE done. Things you can’t change today or do anything about, instead of stress… I’ll just do them another day. Things will sort themselves out, they always do.

I have very little energy to spend on tasks and daily activities so I really don’t have the energy to waste on stressing or feeling sorry for myself. Yesterday I felt a bit down that my breathing was worse again, I felt like i’d only had one good day before feeling rubbish again. I was upset it wasn’t more, then I realised i’m stressing about what i can’t change. I just need to enjoy what time i did have. Then boom today i’ve had another good day. It can be hard with chronic illness that is so up and down, i may not always be the most optemistic person sometimes but I don’t give up, i keep going even when it feels like walking through sinking sand and every step gets me worse. I keep trying, and eventually it all sorts itself out and I can look back at another thing I got through.

Also, I suggested to a friend to do this and I figure why not take my own advise. So here it goes. Each day i’m going to list 5 things that were good about today.

  1. The weather was much nicer after it being so cold, I was able to be outside for a little bit in it with no breathing difficulties.

  2. My dog managed to get her head in a pile of ashes and looked like she’d been hired as a chimney sweep dog. Made me smile. 🙂

  3. I had a productive day

  4. My breathing was better today

  5. My pain levels were much lower today


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