Hospitals/Doctors, do they make you better or worse!?

So I’ve just discharged myself from hospital because of how badly i was getting treated. I just couldn’t cope anymore so I came home. I tried and tried to raise my concerns but nobody listened, nobody listened till I said I was leaving. I tell them i’m feeling worse, they reduced my medications making me feel worse than before, all my regular medication was being changed but nobody was telling me. I had no same doctor twice, no two days were the same for treatment. It was just crazy at how bad my care was from the doctors. I was being treated from symptoms written on a paper, not actually how i was feeling. I felt like if i stayed any longer i’d just end up in for weeks going up and down because they can’t get things right or can’t communicate. If they told me what they were stopping on my medication or changing i’d be able to tell them which ones can and can’t be changed or why i’m on them to begin with. I hate that I feel like they aren’t even treated as a human.


I’m glad to just be home, home with my dogs and my niece and my own regular medication.


Stress/hospitals  – 1

Mel – 0


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