Winning the small battles

After a trip to the hospital this morning for my respiratory clinic with my respiratory consultant, I was worrying it may lead to an admission in hospital. Well, guess what… It didn’t! I’m still free!

She’s admitted i’m definitely not well, but obviously the ideal scenario is trying to manage me at home, even if that means my respiratory nurses have to come visit me regularly at home. I’m very happy that i’ve not gone back to hospital, after my doctor mentioning yesterday she thought that I needed to go back in and only being home a week it felt very defeating that i couldn’t even last more than a week before going back again.


Well, I may be ill. I may look rubbish, I may feel rubbish. However, I’m obviously doing something right because i’m not back in hospital YET. A whole week at home, who knows maybe I can make it to two weeks! If you were to see how often I bounce in and out of hospital for me to go a whole week, have hospital threatened and then still manage to stay home it’s quite an accomplishment!!

I’m going to continue to take each day as it comes, each day I get through is another day at home and another day i’ve made it through. My infection is still pretty bad in my chest, but it doesn’t seem to be getting worse so hopefully it behaves itself. I feel happy that i’ve had a whole week at home without going back into hospital. I’m going to take this small wins against my body where I can take them. So much of my life is dictated by my body doing it’s own thing and i’ve managed to control my asthma just enough.

Beating asthma one day at time!



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