Realistic Expectations


This picture pretty much reflects my thoughts and feelings for today. Any day I make it through and I survive is a win in my opinion. Some days i’m going to be so motivated, others not so much but the main point was that I didn’t give up. I still tried, I still got out of bed, I still put on a brave face and I still kept on going. I think it’s taking the small wins as well as the big wins, because at the end of the day a win is a win. Today I beat my chronic illness one more day. One more day I didn’t let it beat me. So tomorrow may be a good day, it may be a bad day as long as I keep trying and I keep going on with my life the best that I can that’s all anyone can ask.

Life isn’t about achieving everything overnight, the harder we work the bigger the reward, and the more fulfilling it is when we get it. Living through each day is a big struggle for me, being able to still smile at the end of it is a positive. Today wasn’t perfect, today wasn’t amazing, today wasn’t a day that got me down, today wasn’t a day that let my health get the better of me and most of all today wasn’t a day that became my last day.




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