Steroids – yes, i’m fat. But I can breathe!

I’m a long term steroid user (prednisolone) and i have typical medically induced cushings syndrome because of the steroids. I’ve put on 5+ Stone in a matter of months, I have the typical round face, I have huge horrible stretch marks covering over a third of my body now from where the steroids have made my skin less stretchy and from putting on so much weight so fast, I get muscle/joint pains from them, i have muscle weakness, fluid retention, mood swings, I’m dependent on steroids now because my body can no longer produce it’s own natural steroids, wounds take longer to heal, i bruise easier, infections are virtually impossible to treat and i’m hardly responsive to any antibiotics, my eyes are blurry a lot of the time and i’m at high risk for cataracts now, my blood pressure is much higher, i’m at higher risk for getting diabetes, I have osteoporosis, my adrenal gland does’t work properly, and not to mention the constant hunger! I put up with all this because it’s either this or I can’t breathe and if I can’t breathe I can’t live.


That’s just one medication, probably my worse and best all in one. Keeps my inflammation in my airways under control so that I can get air to my lungs, yet has pretty much ruined any decent quality of life I could have. I’m 24. How many 24 year olds do you know that have osteoporosis? I chose to keep taking them because I really just don’t have a choice. It’s like choosing between life and death. For me that is an easy decision!

This is how steroids have changed me mildly in just a few months. Size 10 to a size 16-18.

This is my motivation to get healthy – get healthy to get off the steroids or at the very least get onto a lower dose!



2 thoughts on “Steroids – yes, i’m fat. But I can breathe!

  1. lisacantoo2 says:

    I feel your pain. I was on prednisone for nine years straight. It’s poison and because of it I now have secondary rheumatoid arthritis, among other things. I have asthma as well as ABPA and, with the help of my functional med dr I was able to finally get off prednisone. It wasn’t easy but I did it. Just wanted you to know there is hope.

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    • asthmawontbeatme says:

      Yes, I’m hopeful to get down to my maintance dose. If i can improve my asthma and my health then i can cut my steroids down. If I manage my health well i can hopefully keep from going back up on my steroids. One day i WILL come off them, when that will be i don’t know. Thanks for the support 🙂 Nice to know after 9 years you managed to come off it!


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