Procrastination at it’s finest!

Anyone who knows me will know that i’m prone to procrastination. Today will be one of those days. I feel rough today, my chest is all crackly from the infection which is affecting my breathing. The pain in my ribs is bad and so I can barely move, my legs which were painful yesterday are agony today. So it’s 1.30pm in the afternoon and i’m still in bed. The idea of getting up out of bed and walking down stairs is just not an exciting thought. I think the combination of my legs and my breathing, the thought of stairs is daunting.

Every breath I take I sound worse than Darth Vader, my chest is just horrible. So maybe I will just stay upstairs a little longer before going downstairs! Wait for the pain meds to kick in and the nebulilzers to help my breathing!

Thank god i’m well set up in my bedroom for moments like this, I have my snacks, my drinks, my laptop, my phone, toilets right next to my room, all my medication, tv, dvd’s, books and more importantly I have my spotify and netflix ❤ I don’t really ever need to leave my room much.

Maybe later i’ll go down, when i’m feeling up for it!



In a way I am accomplishing some things, I’m resting, i’m writing on my blog and updating some of my pages on my site. I’m aware I really need to get up and get downstairs. That time just isn’t now 😉

So for now i’m going to enjoy listening to my music to brighten my mood and motivate me, because music is the best way of motivating me. Making me feel uplifted.

On a good note at least my legs are being elevated because the last few days they have been so swollen! I don’t even have ankles anymore! Just another thing to make walking around that much harder! My legs were so swollen by the end of yesterday that my feet were virtually numb. Sometimes I feel like someone swapped my body out for a 70 year olds body.. I have osteoperosis, i get swollen legs, i have to walk with a walking stick most the time, i can’t walk fast or far, i’m on loads of meds and when i get a cough it puts me in hospital with pneumonia…  Did i mention i’m only 24? I’ve accepted that my life has changed and who knows what or where i’ll be in a year or in 5 years. However, you have to admit I’ve got pretty rubbish luck! If anything goes wrong, it goes wrong to me. Sometimes that’s hard to accept.

I’m just glad i’ve got supportive family and friends who are helping me through all this. I don’t know what i’d do without them. I’ve got my dogs who just know how to cheer me up. For that i’m grateful as I know some people don’t have that support system.

I’m not going to plan to do anything, i’m just going to take each day as it comes. Today my Brother, Sister-in-law and my niece leave to  go to Disneyland for a week. I’m going to miss my niece as i’ve only just got out of hospital and seen her a few days. Plus it’s going to mean i’m home alone in the day now.

Bring on this next week, I’m going to manage! Being home alone isn’t going to be daunting or scarey! My asthma is going to behave and i’m going to have a productive yet restful week!



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