Pain – It won’t get me down!

So after probably over doing it slightly on the amount of walking I did yesterday considering i’ve spent 6 weeks in a hospital bed i’m certainly sore today. I can hardly move, I spent most the morning in bed and I was going to just chill in bed most the day as I just felt rough. However, I thought… why not try and do things. I’ve spent most the day sat in the kitchen with 99% of that time spent sat down. For that 1% I have been up doing little things in short bursts and then sitting down again. Or doing a job whilst sat down. I’ve managed to actually have a really productive day, and because I kept doing little things in short bursts it’s helped me from stiffening up and I feel like i’ve accomplished something!

Today, I managed to sort out the family food shop online (decided food shopping in person just isn’t an option anymore!), i’ve managed to tidy the whole freezer, I reorganised one of our main food cupboards, did some writing with my 5 year old neice, organised all my medication into my pill boxes for the week, made my dinner which was a healthy meal! Made dinner for my dad, painted and did my nails, spent some time with my cat and managed to squeeze in chatting with some of my friends online for a catch up.

Usually my pain and my tiredness would make me stay in bed most the day or on the sofa, I’d end up watching tv most the day or sat on the internet doing rubbish, probably eating junk food all day and then still feelilng rubbish at the end of it. Physically i’ve done virtually nothing today. However, it’s been enough to let my body recouperate but enough to keep muscles stretching and moving. I’ve not let my pain and me feeling rubbish ruin my day and take over my day.

Chronic pain can be such a hard thing to over come, it can mentally get you down and it’s so hard to even do the smallest things sometimes. For every day when I feel like i’ve not let my health get the better of me, it feels like another day when I’m in control of my life and my body. I won’t let my body dictate how I live my life.

Tomorrow may be a bad day, or it may not. All I know is i’ve had 3 good days in a row now and i’ve not let my health get to me. I’ve stayed positive and i’ve made it through each day with a smile at the end of it. To me that’s an accomplishment to be proud of!



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