Living with Asthma – not letting it rule your life and just enjoy what you can!

I’m aware of how important it is to take asthma seriously, to manage it well and avoid triggers etc. There comes a point that sometimes you have to do something that may make your asthma worse but at the benefit of your mental health. I could wrap myself in a bubble yes, I could never go outside all winter to avoid the cold and wet air yes, but then what will that do to my mental health.

In the last year I have spent 90% of my time either in hospital or at home cooped up inside ill. I have barely left the house much, I rarely see friends, I don’t go away anywhere, I had to cancel nearly any plan I ever made because I was always too ill for it. So I made it a point to start booking things and actually going to them. In December after yet another long admission I went to Olympia Horse Show in London and it was the most amazing day out after so long in hospital and at home. I felt a little rough for a few days but it boosted my mood hugely!

Yesterday, I went to see one of my favourite bands with my best friend. It involved a couple trains to london and a small walk to the arena. One of the stations had a large walk between my two trains, this did involve many stops sitting on benches! However, I think I did pretty well. All the pain my muscles and my body is in this morning was SO worth it for the amazing night that I had. The worst part was the breif moment i was outside the arena in London as it was wet and cold which went straight to my chest.

I want to say thank you to the security guard who was in charge of part of the queue to get inside the arena. The long queue that would have taken well over an hour of standing in before getting inside. I walked up to him and without even saying a word he let me straight in with my friend. Without this kind gesture, I most likely would have overdone it, ended up in hospital and been really ill. One kind gesture just made my evening so enjoyable, and so i was able to enjoy it. So thank you security man ❤

Busted (the band I saw) were amazing. The feeling when you can just close your eyes and listen to the music and feel the music like it’s flowing through your body is one of the best things. I love music and live music all the better. They put on an amazing show, and it was a fantastic night.




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