Beating asthma one day at a time!

I survived my first day home! It was certainly a long night, between my temperatures and pain in my ribs my sleep wasn’t great. However, I did manage to stay mostly asleep for nearly 12 hours. So although it was very interrupted I did sleep for a long time! I woke up for morning tablets and medications and then went back to sleep. Then woke up again for lunch meds, stayed in bed for awhile chilling and then spent the afternoon and evening downstairs. I managed to tick off a few things from my HUGE to-do list that has accumulated whilst being in hospital… So overall today feels like it has been a good day.

Which means, i’m one day closer to seeing BUSTED tomorrow!


Yes, I’m fully aware that going to London by train, going to a concert (although seated) and coming home by train is going to be a lot. It’s going to have many triggers and i’m going to be walking loads. however,  i’m going to do my best to take my time. Walk with my stick, have breaks, have my emergency information and my inhaler etc and just be careful. I’ve been looking forward to this for around 4/5 months and with how much time i spend in hospital I never have much to look forward to, and sometimes I just need to do stuff for ME.

My severe brittle asthma means that in order to have the most chance at being healthy it basically means not living my life and living in a bubble. The trick is to find the middle ground where i’m managing my asthma sensibly but not letting my asthma rule my life. If i spend all day focusing on when to take my medication, how my asthma is, what i can’t do or what I should be doing then it’s a sure way of ending up with a low mood later on. I need to still make sure i’m spending time on me. Thinking about my mental health as well as my physical health. In my opinion they are both just as important, but sometimes people forget to prioritize their mental health until it’s a problem and they have to do something about it. Why not do things to help reduce and manage mental health as well as physical health? why not lower our chances of having days when we feel like the world is crashing down and everything is too much? We’d do the same thing with diabetes, watch our diet and take our meds to help lower risk of having problems arise with that… Mental health should have the same active management.

So i’m going to probably risk my physical health being slightly worse and my healing and recovery process will probably be a little slower now after tomorrow. When compared to how my mental health has been struggling for so long, being cooped up in hospital for 6 weeks and just being so unwell… If I don’t do something to boost my mood i’m going to wake up one morning soon and just crash.I’m going to feel like I can’t cope anymore and loose all motivation.

So it’s just a case of managing my life the best I can. Beating my asthma one day at a time and LIVING my life.




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