Doctors – Stress, frustration and bed-side manners!

So today my usual consultant was off ill. That meant i had some of the junior doctors that have been on rotation on our ward (respiratory ward), one of which i’ve had a few times before and never once has she made the effort to read my file and know anything about me and hasn’t always been in the best of moods.

Well, today she stumbles in. Asks me how I am, in which i explain that i’ve been feeling on and off rubbish and that last couple days i’ve been feeling worse. Worrying that the antibitics might not be working in fighting the infection. The doctor then proceeds with complete bluntness and asks why am I even on antibiotics… I’m sorry but you are the doctors, you are the ones with all my notes and my plan of treatment etc… Why am I answering that question!? So I take a deep breathe, remind myself i don’t have the energy for my usual level of sarcasm and say in my least sarcastic tone ” Well I assume it’s because of the fact my infection started coming back and how ill i have been”. In which the doctor responds with “well how have you been ill?” Knowing full well she saw me on two occasions in the last week when i’ve been feeling terrible and told her exactly how i felt.. So, I told her about the sweats, the hot and cold feeling, general feeling of unwell, breathing getting worse. All of which I felt like when my pneumonia was bad before… I got a momentary grumble and an eye roll whilst she stood over me with her arms crossed and a grumpy teenager expression. I asked about my chest xray, figuring if she didn’t believe my words, at least the xray could show her the infection does excist. Then I could get an idea of how bad it was, was it in both lungs again etc. She didn’t even know I’d had an x-ray and never bothered to come back and tell me.

I mean, is this what is has come to?  doctors openly making no visable effort to do their job, questioning their superiors, making rude comments, having no bed-side manner, not asnwering questions, not doing anything to treat the patient really… Yet they want to be having more respect and more pay… Well, doctors like that is what gives all the hard working doctors a bad name. It’s just unnescesary to have such a bad attitude, I’m aware you probable are tired and doing long hours. However, that is part of the job and if you can’t put your tiredness asside to treat patients better then you shouldn’t be doing your job. Didn’t even make the effort to ever read my file… It gets tedious repeating myself sometimes.. explaining stuff over and over.

A few months ago, this would have had me so stressed out. Now with my more positive and chilled attiude it’s easier to push asside… However, I still find it hard to acccept they aren’t doing their jobs well and all it takes is one or two doctors who treat a patient like that and straight away that patient may lose all faith in doctors. They may be less inclined to return to hospital again because they have fear of being treated in the same half assed way. So someone may let their asthma get worse and put their life in danger because ONE doctor was rude and couldn’t be bothered. That is what gets to me the most, the ripple effect that they have in people.


Back to hoping tomorrow will be another day, and a new doctor!



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