Another weekend, another day!

So, come tomorrow I have been in hospital 6 weeks. Usually, I’m only in ffor 2/3 weeks and this time has definitely topped them all by far. Doctors don’t really come round much at weekends so not much happens. For me my day consists of having temperatures; getting the cold sweats and rotating between feeling cold and hot, and sleeping. It’s really not that exciting. I find it hard to concentrate on much most the time when i’m ill, so even watching Netflix can feel hard work sometimes and I just end up passing out.

So, I should probably explain why i’m even here. I picked up Pneumonia back in November and was on antibiotic tablets from then until i got admitted, nothing was working and i was just getting worse, so I ended up in and on IV antibiotics (anitbiotics given through my vein) and was on every kind of antitbiotic going for nearly 3 weeks before my body even slightly responded. This was down to the fact my body is very unresponsive to antibiotics, so they don’t really work on me. Then a week later when I was soon to transfer to Brompton Hospital for an inpatient appointment. So I was planning on staying for a week of investigations and tests. However, I needed to be well for this and just days before my pneumonia started to come back. A week later and my body wasn’t able to fight it alone, so back on antibiotics I went. I’m now on day 3 of antibiotics and still feel terrible… so, not feeling hopeful in these antibiotics right now. Will just have to wait for Monday and see what doctors say…



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